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are you a good witch or a bad witch?


you’re gettin’ brainwashed, i tell ya
so many pretty colours, this was fun


the light of my night


AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING commissions drawn for me by peachymints/mermen-in-my-teacup!!! I am so in love with them, they are just what I always wanted for my Free!boys and their Mega Evolutions… ;u; And the tiny little broaches the megastones are in——-!!!!!1!

Thank you so much peachymints, they are beautiful and perfect and now I feel so inspired to commission more Free! x Pokemon art!!!

I am going to POKEMON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Washington DC this weekend, cosplaying Rin as a Mega Garchomp trainer…with a Mega Garchomp to prove it, of course :D If you see me there…please say hello! :D


þingvellir & gullfoss | iceland

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